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Water Heaters

Water Heaters


24/7 Water Heater Replacement


Water Heaters typically last between 8-10 years. Any water heaters over 10 years is recommended to be replaced. However, the need to replace a water heater could arise before or after this timeline.
Replace your water heater if:
  • Your water heater is too old
  • Notice rusted spots around your heater
  • Your water heater is making weird noises
  • Water is leaking from under your water heater or if there is standing water underneath your water heater
  • Not getting enough hot water


You should be having your water heater scheduled for maintenance at least 1-2 times a year. Flushing your water heating depends on the size of your water heater and the amount of hot water being used. If there are three to five people living in your home, you should have your water heater serviced every 5-9 months



For any further questions, contact our office and schedule an appointment to have a certified technician come out for a water heater inspection.













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