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Traditional Water Heaters

Traditional Water Heaters

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Traditional Water Heaters

Water heaters were never engineered to offer a lifetime of operation. In fact, most water heaters from a good quality manufacturer will last approximately 7-10 years. The older the water heater is, the more prone it will be for failure. The problem when a water heater fails is the it can cause damage to your home.

Do you know the age of your water heater?

Any water heater that is older than 10 years, is ready to be replaced. Water heaters life span is between 7-10 years. Avoid major damage such as flooding and having to pay for an over price water heater due to emergency situation.

Rusty Color

A sure sign of a water heater that is presenting signs of failure would be rusty color water coming from the “hot” side of your taps in the kitchen or bathroom. If the rusty color water is only coming out of the hot side, it means your tank is corroding on the inside and it might begin to leak soon. Don’t panic, there are many older homes with galvanized piping that can cause a rusty color to your water as well.

To be sure, any homeowner can complete this simple test. Take a five gallon bucket and fill it with hot water from one of your taps. Repeat this process a few times and if the water clears up, it’s likely not the water heater. If the rusty color is still there by the 3rd or 4th bucket then it’s likely your water heater is at fault and it’s time to consider replacing it.

Water Around The Base Of Your Water Heater

If you already notice water or moisture around the base of your water heater then you might be too late! Check all the fittings and piping running into your water first, to make sure they aren’t the source of your problem. If all your connections are dry, then it’s time to replace the water heater.

What Should You Replace Your Water Heater With?

If you’re replacing a water heater that is more than 10 years old, efficiency has improved and a newer, more modern water heater will save you money on your energy bills. If you have natural gas in your area another popular option is to switch to a tankless hot water heating system. This eliminates the need to store a large tank of hot water, as the gas-fired systems heat the water as you need it.



  1. Set your valve in pilot
  2. Shut off the water valve above the water heater
  3. Open up a hot water in a shower, to let water drain easier.
  4. Connect a water hose to the flush valve in your water heater.
  5. Turn on water heater fresh water line above water heater.
  6. Repeat the process 4-5 times or until you get clear water flushing out of the hose.