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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about clogged drains, odor smells. water leaks. See below or call our office to find the answer.

How can I check if I have a leak?

  • Go out to your water meter and record the level in your meter. Make sure no one is using any water for a couple of hours, then go back and check the meter again. If the level has changed then you may have a leak in your home.

Why is my faucet leaking?

  • Faucets may leak if the gaskets, O-rings or valve seats are corroded. These parts are the main source that hold back the water until the faucet is opened. To stop a faucet from leaking, shut off the water to the sink and open the faucet to let the water drain out. Use a screwdriver to remove the faucet handle and replace the corroded part. (If faucet is being disassemble, make sure you can put it back together.) If the faucet continues to leak, it is recommended to just replace it with a new one.

Why are my drains constantly getting clogged?

If you are experiencing constant clog in your drains it can be either from dirt, hair binds, soap scum or built up debris that have accumulated overtime within the drain pipes reducing water flow.

Some ways to prevent clogs in your drain is by:

  • Using a strainer in your kitchen, bathtub and sink drain. Avoid putting down excessive amount of foods down the kitchen drain.
  • Do not flush any paper products other than toilet paper in your toilet
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down your kitchen drain


Call our office to have a certified technician come out to do a plumbing inspection in your home to access the condition of the pipes.

Why is my water heater pilot light off?

When the pilot light on a water heater is off it typically means that the thermocouple is bad and needs replacement. The thermocouple is a part of the pilot burner assembly which connects to the gas control valve of the water heater. The thermocouple controls the flow of gas from the gas supply valve.


If you are unable to get the flame to light at all, even when the gas is on, this is an indication that there is a barrier in the pilot tube. Call our office to have a certified technician come out to access the issue.


What do I do when a pipe bursts?

  • Turn off the water at the main valve. You will avoid any further water damage.
  • Assess the burst pipe and the surrounding area to the best of your ability. If the pipe burst has occurred on an upper level, see if the water has already moved (or can move) to a lower level.
  • Take photographs of the damage. Take a few minutes to take pictures as you might need them when you submit an insurance claim.


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